Our mission

To help builders see their visions, dreams , plans, designs, everything through by providing a quality fenestration solution.

About Vistaza

Vistaza concepts, designs, manufactures, fabricates, and delivers best-in-class windows for mid-rise

developments. Our comprehensive process enables us to see everything through in everything we do. We

see every window through. We see every project through. We see everything through,

from start to finish. 

The result: spaces lived through and seen through the best possible prism.

Don’t compete. Complete

We do not believe in competing with other window companies. We simply want to complete all of your unique window needs to the best of our ability.

Process is Precision

Our process ensures precision in energy, acoustics, design, certification, and execution.

Responsibility is Sustainability

Windows allow us to see the world as it was meant to be: flourishing, vibrant, green. In addition to our window being energy efficient, so is our company and process.

Product is Clear

We know who we serve and why we serve them. With clear goals and objectives, we deliver clear results.

Values is Invaluable

Value is not about getting more for less, but about getting what you need when you need. We don’t offer everything. We only offer you everything you need.

A-Z Process

Controlling the process from start to finish ensures best-in-class quality and pricing.