About us

More Than Just a Window, A Perfect Fit

About Vistaza​

At Vistaza, we understand that every project has its unique demands and every vision requires specific solutions. That’s why with us, you’re not just purchasing a window, you’re gaining a partner committed to ensuring every product is a perfect fit for your needs.

We’re not just manufacturers; we’re a team of dedicated professionals, committed to crafting high-quality, steel-reinforced uPVC windows, tailored to your specifications. Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of real-world installation challenges set us apart.

With Vistaza, you’re not just installing windows; you’re building a legacy of quality and durability that enhances your project and exceeds your expectations. Because to us, it’s not about selling a window; it’s about providing a complete solution that elevates your architectural vision.

Our Values


We aren't just following the industry trends; we're setting them. As pioneers in uPVC windows technology, we bring the future to your doorstep today. Our innovations create windows that outperform, outlast, and outshine.


We see every project as a collaborative journey. Our relationships with architects, real estate developers, and general contractors go beyond mere transactions. We work as partners, offering expert advice, comprehensive support, and exceptional service tailored to your unique project needs.


Precision isn't just a word to us; it's the principle that governs our craft. Every Vistaza window reflects our painstaking attention to detail, ensuring your architectural vision is realized with the highest quality standards.


When you choose Vistaza, you choose a dependable ally. From adhering to project timelines to delivering consistent quality, we uphold the utmost integrity and accountability. We are the partners you can trust, today and for years to come.


Our roots in the installation industry equip us with unparalleled insights into your needs and challenges. These insights shape our solutions, enabling us to design windows that integrate seamlessly into your projects.


Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to you. Our energy-efficient windows contribute to a greener planet, lower carbon footprint, while adding long-term value to your project.

A-Z Process

Controlling the process from start to finish ensures best-in-class quality and pricing.