Our Process

Start to finish, A-Z, Z-A

See Everything Through


Each project is vetted so that we may focus exclusively on solving our customers’ core challenges, and ensure that your project fits our area of expertise, mid-rise, multi-family residential projects.

Timeline: 1-2 business days


A comprehensive proposal, based on all of your requirements, is prepared and proffered by our experienced estimating team.


Timeline: 5-7 business days

Project Management

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project. The PM will coordinate the project from Z-A and A-Z, to ensure that all insurance, contracts, and AIA requirements are met.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings capture your entire project on paper. They include specs, floor plans with rough openings, building and product elevations, installation, and hardware details.


Timeline: 2-4 weeks


Each project is released for production after the shop drawings receive final client approval.


Timeline: 10-12 weeks


Our delivery, tracking, job-site management, inspection, and installation systems ensure that all windows are installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, with ease and professionalism.


Our service technicians are experienced installers with intimate knowledge of our products. The Vistaza parts warehouse is stocked with virtually all standard parts, to ensure economy and alacrity, minimizing standard part wait times.

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