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Introducing Vistaza ViBird

Our new Bird Friendly window glazing solution.

Vistaza ViBird is a newly developed Bird Safe glass product that aims to achieve maximum success for Bird collision deterrence, exceeding NYC Bird Safe Glass requirements. This is achieved through its unique patterned UV-enhanced coating.


Vistaza ViBird is a Bird Safe window product, barely visible to the human eye. It is a highly cost-efficient product, compared to Bird Friendly glass alternatives on the market.

Why is Bird Friendly glass important to us?

Vistaza is a company that aims towards completing high-level quality products and projects to our customers through sustainable methods that are Safe for the environment and its habitants.


Our unique product exceeds NYC Bird Friendly requirements (and American Bird Conservancy Recommendations) of a Threat factor of 20-25 with a threat factor of 12, while simultaneously delivering high quality and aesthetically pleasing Bird Friendly windows (nyc local law 15 regulated).


Vistaza ViBird traits and characteristics

Our UV coating for Bird collision deterrence is almost undetectable to the human eye.

A unique window glass with a slim design with stripes of almost 4” pitch and 1” wide.

The Vistaza ViBird is manufactured in a way that is highly cost-efficient compared to alternative Bird Safe glass on the Market.

Vistaza ViBird Safety and regulation features

In accordance to the research of the American Bird Conservancy

Rigorous testing and passing the WIN test

In accordance with the New York Initiative 1482-2019 (now called Local Law 15)

Scoring an ABC Threat factor of 12

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