4 uPVC Window Safety Features That Save Lives


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4 uPVC Window Safety Features That Save Lives

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In homes across the United States, burglary remains a prevalent threat, with statistics indicating alarming rates of property crimes. According to data from 2021, an estimated 899,700 burglary cases were reported, amounting to a staggering $737,294,919,165 worth of stolen property. Disturbingly, burglars often exploit vulnerabilities in home security, with 34% gaining entry through the front door and a burglary occurring every 25.7 seconds. However, amidst these concerning figures, there’s a critical aspect often overlooked—window safety. Falls from windows constitute a significant hazard, particularly for young children. Annually, over 3,300 children are injured, and eight fatalities occur due to falls from windows. 

window safety features that save lives

Recognizing these risks, measures to enhance window safety, such as utilizing secure uPVC window features, can serve as a vital safeguard for homeowners and developers alike, protecting both lives and property.

Vent Limiters

Vent Limiters, commonly known as window restrictors or child safety restrictors, are indispensable components for ensuring the safety of uPVC windows.

Vent-limiter on site

These devices play a pivotal role in controlling the window’s opening angle, thus mitigating the risk of accidents, especially in environments frequented by children. Drawing from insights on window restrictors from multifamily housing, it’s evident that these safety features are vital additions to residential properties. With a focus on enhancing safety and security, window restrictors provide peace of mind to residents and property owners alike.

Guidelines for Installation

Placement: Vent limiters should be securely affixed to the sash, aligning the corresponding stud with the frame to ensure optimal functionality as a safety measure.

Types: Understanding the distinction between right-handed and left-handed vent limiters is crucial, as it determines the correct installation based on the window’s hinge direction.

Safety Precautions: When installing, it’s crucial to maintain a maximum 4-inch opening between the opened window sash and the frame to ensure proper functionality. To prevent accidents, especially for windows prone to sagging or unevenness, utilize safety measures like wrist straps or cords attached to drills. In cases where alignment is necessary, consider using packer pieces.

These installation guidelines underscore the importance of vent limiters in enhancing the safety features of uPVC windows. By adhering to proper installation protocols and considering insights from multifamily housing, homeowners and developers alike can effectively safeguard against potential hazards associated with broken glass and window accidents.

Window Safety Locks

Window safety locks are pivotal in augmenting the security of uPVC windows, acting as a formidable deterrent against unauthorized entry and accidents.

Window safety locks

The selection of an appropriate window lock hinges on the specific type of windows installed and the individuals handling them, ensuring the locks cater to the required safety and security needs.

Types of Window Locks

Each variety of lock is tailored to complement different window styles, from casement to sash windows, enhancing their security profile:

  • Latch Locks

  • Folding Locks

  • Window Pin Locks

  • Window Wedges

  • Keyed Locks 

Notably, casement windows, with their robust framework, are deemed the most secure, while double-hung windows present a greater challenge in terms of security. For those with young children, child safety locks offer an additional layer of protection by limiting window openings, thereby mitigating the risk of falls.

When considering window locks, it’s imperative to verify that they meet established security standards, which certifies the lock’s effectiveness in thwarting potential intruders. This certification ensures that the locks not only provide peace of mind but also significantly elevate the window’s resistance to forced entry, making it a critical consideration for homeowners and developers alike aiming to bolster their home’s security.

Safety Glass

Safety glass in uPVC windows plays a crucial role in enhancing both security and safety within residential and commercial spaces.

window safety features

Here’s a closer look at how safety glass makes a difference:

Enhanced Security Features

  • Reinforced Glass Technology: Utilizes toughened or laminated glass, making windows resistant to breaking and providing an extra layer of security against intruders.

  • Internal Glazing: Prevents burglars from removing the glass from the outside, adding a significant deterrent to break-ins.

  • Security Against Natural Disasters: Offers protection against extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, such as heavy rain, hail and in some cases hurricanes and earthquakes, due to its strength and resilience.

Safety and Insulation Benefits

  • Protection from UV Rays: Blocks harmful UV rays that can cause damage to furniture and interior decorations.

  • Noise Reduction: Helps in maintaining a peaceful indoor environment by reducing noise pollution from the outside.

  • Energy Efficiency: Provides better insulation, contributing to savings on heating and cooling costs and making the environment more comfortable.

Child and Pet Safety

  • Reduced Injury Risk: Designed to minimize the risk of injury from falls or accidents, with tempered glass shattering into small, dull pieces instead of sharp shards.

  • Pet-Friendly: Prevents pets from accidentally breaking the glass or getting injured by sharp edges.

  • Child-Friendly Designs: Available in special designs to ensure added safety for children, making it a preferred choice for families.

Each of these features underscores the importance of safety glass in providing not only security but also comfort and peace of mind to the inhabitants.


Hardware plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of a home, serving as the primary defense mechanism against both potential intruders and accidents.


Here’s how door hardware contributes to overall safety, taking into account various aspects such as glass type and additional safety features:

  • Locks and Restrictors: Our range of window locks, padlocks, and window safety restrictors are designed to cater to different building types, providing versatility and peace of mind. Additionally, by utilizing tempered glass or annealed glass, especially on lower floors where accidental impact is more likely, we ensure added safety for occupants, minimizing the risk of injury in case of breakage.

  • Automatic Locking Systems: With automatic locking systems, we enhance security by ensuring that doors are automatically secured upon closing, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry and enhancing overall safety.

  • Protective Barriers: Our security window screens and gates act as protective barriers, not only preventing accidents but also deterring potential intruders, thus ensuring both safety and security for residents.

  • Window Guards: Serving a dual purpose of accident prevention and home security enhancement, our window guards provide an additional layer of safety, particularly for families with young children. Coupled with vent limiters, which prevent children from falling out through windows, our window guards offer comprehensive protection against accidents.

  • Safety and Security Features: In addition to these measures, our windows are equipped with robust hardware, making them more difficult to force open by intruders. Furthermore, we prioritize security by incorporating high-quality locks in balcony doors, ensuring anti burglary protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

By integrating these safety features into our door hardware and window systems, we prioritize the well-being and security of our customers, offering comprehensive solutions to meet their needs and concerns.

How Vistaza Can Help

Vistaza’s approach to window design and manufacturing aims at protecting inhabitants from both accidents and unauthorized entries.

Vistaza, Windows  and doors, safety features

Here’s how Vistaza is making a difference:

  • High-Performance Windows for Every Need: Whether it’s for multifamily residential buildings, student housing, or hotels, Vistaza offers a window solution that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality.

  • Safety Features: Vistaza focuses on safety with windows engineered for unparalleled structural integrity, delivering formidable defense against external forces and elements.

  • Certified Quality and Expertise: Vistaza ensures that all our products meet industry standards, verified through independent lab tests. Our comprehensive warranty covers substantial periods and includes clear explanations of what is covered.

Vistaza’s dedication to combining affordability with quality craftsmanship, materials, and installation positions them as a trusted partner in the architecture and construction industries, ensuring safety and security without compromising on style or performance. Reach out to Vistaza, if you wish to upgrade the safety of your windows.

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