11 Advantages of uPVC Windows That Drive Its Popularity


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11 Advantages of uPVC Windows That Drive Its Popularity

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uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a relatively modern plastic material used in construction of a wide variety of building materials.

Today, uPVC is a highly popular material. Based on an article by Mordor Intelligence, the market size of uPVC in the construction of both doors and windows has been estimated to be at USD 46.82 billion in 2024 and expected to grow as USD 63.39 billion in the next five years.

So comes the question: What’s making uPVC windows (or uPVC in general) so popular? Well, there are a great deal of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Durable

 Generally, uPVC windows are extremely durable. Whether it is the scorching heat from the sun, the moisture of the rain, or strong gusts of wind, uPVC will power through and stay standing.

extreme elements, uv rays, uPVC window

The material itself is not just heat resistant, but specifically also UV resistant. Colors on your uPVC do not fade or discolor from the sun, making them look new over longer periods of time.

2. Low maintenance

Many materials require to be repainted, or varnished, etc. However, uPVC is relatively free of that, save for the occasional cleaning. Time and money both saved with one simple material.

3. Secure

uPVC is tough to break. Great for durability? Sure. But not to mention the added benefit of increasing the effort required for a break-in. Paired with a strong locking system and security is that much more enhanced.

4. Economical

Made with relatively low-cost plastics makes uPVC a very economical option, far more so than the other materials to choose from when building windows. Not only that, but windows made from other materials such as wood don’t last as long as uPVC and need to be changed frequently. This adds further costs and makes uPVC a much more tempting option for the frugal-minded.  

5. Stylish

Now, taste is subjective. But the popularity of uPVC for its style cannot be understated.

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The clean look with bright colors provides the perfect finishing touches to any modern design and can be made to fit the aesthetics of both the interior and exterior of a living space.

6. Customizable

Plastics in general can be manipulated into a variety of shapes, and uPVC is no different.

uPVC window frames, window frames, uPVC material

With a wide variety of colors thrown into the mix there are limitless possibilities. They can be tailor-made for each living space to fit each individual’s taste.

7.  Energy Efficiency

uPVC is a great insulator. This means heat transfer doesn’t transfer out of the space when the heater is on, and the cold air doesn’t escape when the air-conditioning is running, allowing the room to be kept at optimum temperatures without spending a pretty penny on energy costs.

8. Waterproof

As per the durability point, the reason why uPVC can withstand moisture is because it is simply waterproof. Water can’t seep into the material and cause it to warp and break. This also means that uPVC is super easy to clean.

9. Soundproof

It’s not just the material of the glass that plays a vital round in soundproofing, but the surrounding material, too.

noise insulation, uPVC window, excellent sound insulation

uPVC in itself provides extremely effective noise insulation in a living space, creating a calm and peaceful environment, within, or preventing loud noises from escaping the room. A material with truly excellent sound insulation.

10. Environmentally Friendly

uPVC is great for the environment. The material is long-lasting, which means it’s not often needed to be replaced. Furthermore, uPVC itself is made of recyclable materials, being able to be remade into other uPVC materials down the line. It is also important to note that using uPVC also means reducing the usage of wood material, further decreasing the need for deforestation.

11. Long-Lasting

Plastics take a long time to break down into smaller particles and decompose. So when used to make a strong material like uPVC, it can have an incredibly long lifespan without much care or maintenance needed.

How Vistaza Can Help

And thus, we understand the increasing demand in uPVC as a building material. Of course, Vistaza offers uPVC as an option, but if you’re looking for something else to suit your needs or preferences, Vistaza is most certainly up for the task. Start a conversation with us and get yourself pointed in the right direction.

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