Some Sound Advice For A Deafeningly Loud World


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Some Sound Advice For A Deafeningly Loud World

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some sound advice for a deafeningly loud world

Noise Pollution and Quality of Life

Cars, buses, planes, trains, conversations, barking dogs, screaming humans, screeching brakes, ringing phones, pinging emails, tolling bells—the world is a cacophony of sound. Life is a philharmonic orchestra, only without the harmonic or the orchestration.

The Impact of Noise Pollution

It’s chaos out there. Even when it’s quiet at night, there’s the inevitable siren or soaring airplane. Then, come morning, a jackhammer shudders to life and a garbage truck creaks its sanitary arms.

You don’t need fancy scientific studies to prove that increased external noise has an adverse effect on the quality of life. If you have ever gone on vacation, perhaps sitting on a quiet beach listening to the natural, soothing sounds of the waves, you know that the unnatural sounds of urban life decrease peace and tranquility.

Enhancing Quality of Life

But that’s vacation. What about in real, everyday life? How to increase the quality of life when surrounded by the racket of life itself?

The Role of Quality Windows

Vistaza windows, that’s how. When it comes to managing noise pollution, quality of life hinges on quality windows. And by hinges, we mean hinges.

When a window has superior sealing and seamlessly manufactured angles, little noise can squeeze through. When a best-in-class glass windowpane fits smoothly and naturally into an expertly crafted frame, the decibels of the outside world have way fewer avenues of travel. Without traveling routes, outside noise cannot steal into your home.

The Vi6 Series Solution

The Vi6 Series reduces outside noise significantly, elevating the quiet and comfort of your home. Installed close to train stations and crowded streets, beneficiaries of our windows- report marked noise improvement. A good window results in a better lifestyle, focus, and frame of mind. To bring tranquility to your inner environment, be it a building, home, or apartment, triple and double glazing may be used depending on your surroundings.

Measuring Noise Reduction

Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class ratings, better known as OITC, measure sound intensity reduction in noise volume on exterior walls and are provided in decibels. Vi6 Series windows are certified up to OITC 40.

Our Commitment

At Vistaza, we See Everything Through™. Reducing noise pollution and increasing the quality of inhabitants’ life is one way we see peace through.

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